Auto Club Testimonial

“My staff likes to run contest to see which lady can sell the most and it is always friendly and inspiring. Whoever loses may buy coffee or donuts one day the following month. They also like the fact it’s an extra paycheck for them! Renee used her pts checks for flowers and decorations for her wedding. Anytime there has been a question or a problem with a pts refund check, if I or my staff have called or even a payroll check for us, they have always gotten us a satisfactory answer in a timely manner.
My favorite customer story is I sold it to a lady whose son was in high school, he left school and took the interstate to Mt.Vernon, his truck broke down they had it towed into Mt.Vernon, tow bill was paid. Before she even got the check she had to have the truck towed again to a dealership in Centralia where her boyfriend worked. They paid that tow bill so within 2 days she got reimbursed for 2 tows. The following week she came to refi , son had locked keys in car at work and had to call locksmith , I said where is that receipt , she said they are going to kick me out of the club so I’ll just forget that one, I assured her she would be fine we sent that off that day, and she received it also . The next month as she came to make her payment, Glennda was explaining program and benefits to a new customer, and she interjected I use it and I love it , guy said give it to me.

The most common claim is towing, but we see a lot of locksmith claims also.”
Lori Thompson
Sun Loan Company
Centralia, IL #088

Auto Club Testimonial

“I have numerous customers who bring me in their tow receipts and say how awesome and convenient it is to use. I tell them even if you are too busy to come into the office you can email me you receipt from the comfort of your own home and get your check right to your house. I have a customer who is not even currently open with me and bought PTS outright because he travels for work. He said it makes him feel more at ease knowing he has this safety net while he travels. I love selling PTS for not only the obvious reasons being financial, but because it sets our company apart. When I describe the program and all of the amazing benefits my customers get very excited and say they appreciate us offering a service like that.
I love a few things about the product: 1) The fact that you can finance it with your loan. The customer is not expected to pull $24 or $48 out of their pocket, they can include it in a payment they would have already been making. 2) I love the convenience and easiness of it. You literally bring in or email your receipts and get a check. 3) I love the fact it is a safety net for my customers and forbid they need it, it’s a nice program to have in your back pocket.”
Grace Dugas
Sun Loan Company
Carbondale, IL #249

GAP Testimonial

"Brian's Auto Sales is so excited to be working with PTS Financial Services and their Gap Program. Within 3 days of our first claim, Keshia hand delivered our settlement check, no questions asked! They are a great company to work with and were wonderful in the implementation of this program. This is a win-win situation for us and our customers!"
Bridget Young
Co-Owner Brian's Auto Sales
Calhoun, GA.