Beneficial protection when your customers need it the most

More coverage, more peace of mind.

What We Do

 The PTS Auto Club is a benefit that can be passed along to customers, saving them money and giving them additional peace of mind. This service is meant to fill in auto coverage gaps and provide extra incentives for valued customers. We’re here to help boost your own revenue by offering a useful service to your customers.


Don't Go At It Alone

PTS will train your employees, help you create a customized marketing plan and design materials. We are committed to you because PTS only makes money when you do.

How does it work?

It’s very easy. Your company sells PTS Auto Club and we handle the claims and reimbursements. If you are not successful then we are not successful.

No Cost to You

The PTS Auto Club provides additional options for our clients to offer to their customers. This is an easy way to boost internal revenue and increase repeat customers. Building loyalty is important, and by offering the PTS Auto Club you can solidify the trust you’ve earned with your customers. Plus, there are no up-front costs to begin offering the PTS Auto Club to your customers!


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