About Us

Enhance your brand and your bottom line with PTS

What we do

PTS is a multi-divisional company including PTSTAX and PTS Financial Services.  PTS specializes in helping companies generate additional revenue by providing beneficial ancillary services to their already established customer base; therefore, increasing revenue per client. 
PTSTAX is a turnkey, full-service tax program provider. PTS Financial Service offers: GAP (traditional and BHPH), Auto Club, and product protection programs to the Consumer Finance, Auto and Rent-to-Own industries. 


At PTS, we are highly driven to help our affiliates succeed and increase their bottom-line revenue. Our expert team will work closely with you to develop a Personal Marketing Plan (PMP) targeted at your specific demographic and financial goals. We’ll provide training and marketing material so you can attract significant additional revenue for your business.

Customer Retention Experts

Customer loyalty is a vital part of your business. That’s why at PTS we have designed programs that not only attract new customers but improve overall retention. We can help enrich your customer’s experience while generating extra revenue!

Focused on Success

We are committed to providing first class customer service and support to our affiliates and customers. At PTS, we recognize that our success is dependent on your success. We strive to always ensure that we are offering the best programs possible to assist you in your efforts to increase revenue and overall growth.
“If we don’t take care of our customer, somebody else will!”
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