Looking for a competitive club program with the industries best pricing?

Look no further! "PTS will give you $1,000 if we can't save you money on club!" -Tony Farrell, CEO

How We Serve the
Rent-to-Own Industry

PTS offers a competitive membership program to the rent-to-own industry that provides valuable protection and savings for the RTO customer- while saving the dealer a considerable amount on club fees!

WHY partner with pts?

With PTS, your customers will enjoy the valuable protections, rebates and additional discounts available through the club program. RTO dealers appreciate saving 40% on club!

Products for RTO

Direct Benefits

Direct Benefits provides valuable protections for your customers rental merchandise and agreement obligations, as well as discounts, rebates, and other money saving benefits.

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stop paying more for club!

Switch today and save 40% on club!

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