My Doctor Plan

Bring healthcare within reach of your customer base.  Insurance does not equal care.  Whether supplementing an existing plan or getting care for those who can't qualify or afford traditional insurance, this program is:

  • Available any time, online, by smartphone or land line
  • No co-pay 
  • No deductible  

Your customers can end 30-day wait-times to see a primary care doctor.  They can end using the emergency room as the primary care doctor.  This is really affordable care customers can use today. Act now to get in on this hot new program taking America by storm.

Prescription Discount Card Program

With or without insurance, our prescription drug card saves money on every refill. We can include this and many other features into your club program. New healthcare benefits attract new customers from all demographics and build brand loyalty in your store. 

Without Getting An Insurance License, How Can I Help My Customers Get Healthcare?

Get your customers a subscription to My Doctor Plan and our Prescription Discount Card.  Their cost is less than Netflix each month and they can get 24/7 access to medical professionals.