Tax Refunds = Sales

Since 1990, our tax program has proven inexpensive for you, but what a return on investment!

Your customer has more money to spend at tax time than any other point in the year.

  • Get Lead Generation From Tax Preparation By Offering Cash Rewards To New Customers
  • Benefit From Low-Risk Government-Backed Funds To Make Your Customers Payment(s)
  • Use Our Exclusive One Time Bill Pay Service To Recapture Payments When The Treasury Funds Come Through
  • Create Business During The Holidays With Customer Deferred Payments
  • Tax Season Offsets The First Quarter Slump

Let us show you how to leverage this process from a customers chore to a financial windfall. Funding opportunities for all your goods and services will take your late-year and first quarter profit potential sky-high.

We'll Provide

  • PC Software or Website
  • Tax Training Certification For Your Staff
  • Tax Questions? Web Chat and Phone Support Provided
  • Business Plan Customized For Your Needs
  • Marketing Materials To Drive Sales To Your Store

How can I write a loan I'll never have to collect?

​Our software turns a few minutes of data entry into big money from tax refunds. We provide training and logistics; your staff simply inputs information provided by your customer.  Your customer provides the excitement as anticipation builds for loans, new leases or rentals are secured on the spot. And they will tell their friends about your store.

Ask about our direct-to-you One Time Bill Pay option to direct deposit funds to you when a tax customers refund is processed at the central bank.  Get customers caught-up on loans or use it as a down payment.  Clear Christmas loans more quickly!