PTS and Buddy’s Donate to Hurricane Micheal Relief Efforts

In partnership with Buddy’s, PTS donates $5,000 to Hurricane Micheal Survivors

Calhoun, GA, November 20, 2018 – PTS Financial Services and Buddy’s Home Furnishings partnered together to donate money to help veterans displaced by Hurricane Micheal.

After touring damage in Panama, FL. on November 14th, PTS & Buddy’s presented a check for $5,000 to the local American Legion. Tony Farrell, CEO of PTS, had one request for the commander of the Legion, “Help veterans and their families in this community.”

The check presentation ceremony was held just days after PTS announced their new initiative, Hire A Vet Now. Hire A Vet Now was created to help promote the many benefits and opportunities available by hiring veterans. The program assists RTO companies in promoting their job openings and filing for appropriate tax credits, free of charge.

PTS and Buddy’s encourages everyone to find a charity of their choosing to donate to for hurricane recovery efforts. For more information regarding PTS’ new initiative, Operation Hire a Vet, please visit:

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