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Calhoun, GA. December 14, 2020 – The PTS Financial Service family of companies is proud to announce the formation of PTS Insurance Company, an insurance company. PTS Insurance Company is an American domestic entity based in the State of Georgia licensed and regulated by the Georgia Office of Insurance Commissioner. Through PTS Insurance Company, PTS will be able to tailor coverage to the specific needs of its offerings to affiliates, including PTS Direct Benefits, as a means of providing greater options and flexibility for the future.

“I am thrilled to announce the formation of PTS Insurance Company. As we continue to grow our services and offerings at PTS, we have an increasing desire to give our affiliates peace of mind in the security of our companies and our continued growth trajectory. PTS Insurance is an important step in our strategic plans for future expansion into regulated insurance services and new financial products to support our affiliates and their customers. We are excited to base this company in Georgia under license of the Georgia Insurance Commissioner’s Office.” -Tony Farrell, CEO, PTS Direct Benefits.

PTS Insurance Company is domiciled and chartered in the State of Georgia.

About PTS Financial Services

Since 1999, PTS has helped consumer finance, BHPH and RTO companies across America discover hidden revenue opportunities and significantly grow their core business. Through use of ancillary services, cutting-edge training, and growth hacking tactics, PTS has helped hundreds of companies reach their financial goals and achieve measurable success.

PTS is a multi-divisional company including PTS Financial Services, PTS Direct Benefits, and PTSTAX. PTS Financial Service offers: GAP (traditional and BHPH), Auto Club, Telemedicine, and Product Protection waiver programs to the Consumer Finance, Auto and Rent-to-Own industries. PTSTAX is a turnkey, full- service tax program provider that focuses on loan creation.

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