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DirectCheck Program

Customer government check getting lost or stolen? Are they paying high check-cashing fees at other stores?

Solve this problem with our DirectCheck service. Its faster and more secure than a snail-mail paper check!

The check is directed to a secure bank account; your store uses our website to verify & issue the funds in your store where your customer can make a payment or buy new products and services while they have cash in hand. Useful with:

• Social Security

• Supplemental Security Income - SSI

• Veterans Affairs - VA 

• Retirement / Pension

• Payroll

• Unemployment

• State Benefits 

Auto Loan Gap Coverage

What happens if your auto loan customer destroys the collateral?

We provide loss coverage for vehicles early in the ownership cycle with our Gap Coverage program.

It covers the difference between a car's book value and what your customer owes.

Why sell Gap Coverage to your auto loan customer?

Gap covers your  loss.

Customers that frequently trade cars often get upside-down, owing much more than what traditional insurance will pay out if a vehicle is a loss.

Since a total loss or theft occurs every 20 seconds​, you need Gap.

Get covered with us today.

Credit Program

Your customers probably hate the credit bureaus BUT would love to improve their score. 

Give them an alternative with our eCredable program. This exciting service ditches the "Big Three" and enables your shopper to build a new credit report using those bills they routinely pay on time. Easy-to-use on any internet device, eCredable makes credit-building a visible reality as the customer tracks progress while building a stronger score.

Rent-to-own stores won't find this exclusive product anywhere else!

Why get eCredable for your customer?

• Encourages On-Time Payments

• Include 24 Months Of Prior Payment History To Immediately Demonstrate Creditworthiness

• Builds Bridge Into National Banks And Loan Systems 

Prescription Discount Card

With or without insurance, our prescription drug card saves money on every refill. We can include this and many other features into your club program. New healthcare benefits attract new customers from all demographics and build brand loyalty in your store.

and that's not all..

Ask us about supply chain solutions for your stores, insurance networking or any other product you'd like to offer your customers.  We're always evolving new opportunities to deepen your customer releationship. Work with us to keep your customers happy!

Credit Builder

Consumers now can use their rental payments to build a new type of credit report.