Club Programs

Build Brand Loyalty With One-Stop Shopping

Bring an entire suite of group benefits and membership plans to your customers. A low-cost alternative to expensive national chains, you can offer this membership program to your select customers; group buying power keeps prices low for everyone! Imagine offering roadside towing reimbursement to close the car sale or tire rental; Product Protection on a rent-to-own item. Whatever your business goals, we can help you achieve more for a fraction of the cost you’d spend creating your own program. We leverage our national network to bring great benefits to YOUR business. We can customize these products to craft an exclusive club loyalty program right for you:

  • One Year Extended Warranty
  • Product Replacement and Theft
  • Lease Cancellation Benefit
  • Elevate Debit Card
  • eCredable Credit Builder
  • AT&T Wireless Discount
  • Prescription Discount Card
  • 1-800-Flowers Discount
  • Rental Car Discount
  • Travel Discounts at
  • Emergency Automobile Service
  • $20 Discount on Tax Preparation
  • Free Tax Return Overlook
  • Free Tax Liability Estimate
  • Stolen Automobile Reward
  • Personal Defense Fees
  • Emergency Travel Expense
  • Emergency Automobile Service
  • $150 Traffic Court Defense 
  • $10,000 Bail Bond
  • Child Fingerprint Kit